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    C F

    It is not easy for me to position the mic in the circle when measuring,  because sometimes  mic is jumping all over the place. What if this is happening ? What causes it ?




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    Kārlis Stenders

    Hi Chester,

    Sorry you're having trouble! There can be a few different reasons for this - mainly sample rate related. Proceed by double checking you're setting up correctly:

    1. Your audio interface is set to 44.1 kHz sample rate while performing measurements (keep an eye out for this one, as it's the most common mistake);
    2. No direct monitoring is applied to your mic input channel so that you don't hear mics signal coming out directly from the speakers;
    3. Only a single hardware audio device is used both for input and outputs;
    4. When getting up-close to each speaker at the first measurement stage, assure that you're pointing the mic as close as you can to the mid-range driver of the speaker - about 1-2 cm away;
    5. There are no other devices in the signal path (analog devices, preamps, converters, monitoring controllers, clocking devices etc.), only your audio interface;
    6. +48v Phantom Power is ON;
    7. There's no other music production/routing/audio software open, that could 'hijack' the channels you're working with or otherwise interfere. Leave then running only if its absolutely necessary for accessing the necessary channels/routing/phantom power purposes. Or better still - exit all other apps while doing this;
    8. Your stereo field is correct - when clicking on the "Play Test Tone", you can hear the voice saying "left speaker" coming from the left speaker and "right speaker" coming from the right speaker.

    If these tips don't help, please submit an individual support ticket and we'll look into the issue you're experiencing directly. Thanks!

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    Spencer Torres

    Where can I find the measurement software?


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    Kārlis Stenders

    Hi Spencer, 

    Go to this site to download and start your free trial:


    Don't hesitate to submit a support ticket, if you need any assistance setting up!

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