How to uninstall Sonarworks software?




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    jonathan segel (Edited )

    For one thing, the app is not even /Applications/Sonarworks Systemwide/  it's /Reference Systemwide. And no uninstall capability on Mac.

    That said, even removing all of the files listed does not uninstall the pointer to Systemwide as an audio output. 

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    Thanks Jonathan for pointing that out, the mistake in article has been fixed now.


    To uninstall Systemwide, just launch Systemwide, navigate to Settings and under General tab there'll be a dedicated Uninstall button.

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    Jorge Smith

    Hi, I cannot find Sonarworks or Systemwide in Finder or Search, but still see Sonarworks True-Fi as an output. How can I uninstall it?


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    Tom Walters

    Is Sonarworks a virus?  For the life of me, I cannot get this off my Mac and now I cannot play system audio (like iTunes) through my audio interface.  This is terrible.  None of the instructions above make any sense.  For instance, I have no Systemwide app anywhere.  Please, give me my Mac back!


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    Kārlis Stenders (Edited )

    Whether you're Systemwide (this is a part of the Reference software) or True-Fi, there are dedicated uninstall functions in both of those on Mac. If you're using True-Fi, see this article instead.


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