What sample rate should I be using for measurements?




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    But I can change the sample rate after the measurements to whatever I want, right ?

    I'm working in my DAW ad 48 khz & my audio card outside the DAW also always on 48 khz.

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    Correct, once the measurements are done, you can set your sample rate to any value you wish.

    44.1 kHz sample rate is necessary only for the measurement process, Reference 3 plugin will work at any common sample rate.

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    Thanks !

    U always answer so fast, it's great !

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    Sam - please try to check your audio interface's sample rate settings in Windows Sound options, for both recording and playback. We've seen Windows set 48kHz or any other sample rate (even 32kHz) explicitly, without any notification about it to the user.

    Head over to:

    Sound->Playback Devices-> <your audio device main output> ->Properties->Supported Formats and/or Advanced

    Sound->Recording Devices-> <your audio device main output> ->Properties->Supported Formats and/or Advanced

    Make sure that the sample rate is 44.1kHz in every step there. In Supported Formats, I'd even suggest to un-check every box besides the 44.1kHz.

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