When do I need to bypass the plugin?




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    Andrea Caneparo

    If I bypass the whole plugin and not simply press the bypass button inside the plugin, my mix receives a 6dB boost which was unintended and could even end up clipping, isn't that wrong?

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    That's the result of bypassing the "avoid clipping" safeguard. If you disable it in the plugin, max out the volume fader, the volume of plugin being active, with bypassed calibration and bypassing the whole plugin should not change.

    The same thing happens with limiters. If it does any peak limiting, bypassing it completely will clip your output.

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    The probability of occasionally forgetting to bypass is almost 100%.

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    Steve - this is also something that we are working on at the moment: auto-bypass function.

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    Ivan Lekic

    Im doing crazy thing.. i love what the plugin does of my mix, but dont like when i bypass the plug before mixdown .. I implemented sonarworks into my master, and i have amazing results .. am i crazy !?

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    My DAW (Reaper) has a special channel for monitoring plugins. I put R4 in this channel just once and it becomes a global plugin appearing in all my projects and being automatically bypassed when mixing... the plugin is the little green rectangle on the top right corner... pretty cool :)

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    Jeff Harris

    what is the status on auto-bypass?

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    Kārlis Stenders

    Hi Jeff!

    We're working on auto -ypass and it will be released with 4.2 update. Not all DAW's though, it's proven to be extremely difficult for certain platforms. At the moment, these are looking pretty good for auto-bypass to be implemented for:

    Cubase 8.5, 9.5
    FL Studio 12
    Ableton Live 10
    Logic X Pro
    Pro Tools 12 (on Windows)

    There will probably be more, but we don't want to make any promises yet.

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