Can I transfer my license to another computer?




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    By now you should have had a much better method of license management.  I'm at the end of a project and had to upgrade my harddrive due to critical space issues and now I can't use the software because it thinks its a new computer.   I hope the transfer goes quickly


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    Zakhar Valaha

    Hello! I just upgraded one of my Mac computers from 10.9.5 to 10.11.6 and found that my license Reference Headphones 4 is gone. Can you fix that for me? Thanks!

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    D Kisel7

    Hey !

    I want to reinstall windows on my ssd and use new ssd that has bigger capacity is it okay, or I will loose my license for sonarworks studio software ? I hope it will be okay it would be pretty weird I'm going to use the same machine just change the disc, thanks !

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    Kārlis Stenders

    Hi everyone, 

    You can now deactivate any machine that's no longer in use yourself! To deactivate the machine, please create the user account here. Once you have registered and verified your email address, add your key and deactivate the device. The new user account system is limited to Reference 4 users for now; you will still need to contact the support team to update the activation details if you're using Reference 3 of True-Fi.

    The system is brand new and will be improved over time; please let us know if there's any issues with the process. 


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