The software measures incorrect distance between my speakers.




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    Peter Duemmler

    SW measures 1,92m distance and the real distance is 1,50m.

    My speakers are 3-way K&H 0300D, measured directly at the midrange driver.

    Should I just enter 1,50m or should I measure differently to get a result closer to the actual distance (how?)?

    I have a 30" display between (and a bit in front of) the speakers.

    Thanx, Peter

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    Dmitry Kirdin (Edited )

    I've got 3-way speaker KH310a also. I place monitors by woofer inside and tweeter & mid range driver outside. How should I locate mic during measuring?

    [8 O] -left speaker & right speaker - [O 8]

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    Marc Frank (Edited )

    1 suggestion and 1 question:

    I would have saved a LOT of time if anywhere in the process the program would (tell me to) switch to 44.1kHz! Thanks!

    How to measure coaxial drivers? Slightly off-center? I took about 20 measurement approaches now and none of them turned out anywhere correct!?

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    Hi Marc,

    Thank you for your input! We will improve our messaging regarding required specifications before measuring.

    When using coaxial drivers you should still point the microphone to the middle of the speaker.

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