Where do I need to insert the plug-in?




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    Warwick Thorn (Edited )

    I'm trialing the headphone version. But where do i put it? "...the last plugin on your output." It didnt work there, in Studio One, when hardware (DSP) monitoring (blue z), or Native low latency software monitoring (green z) active, because in these cases effects in the Main out cannot be active (if plugin more than 3 ms latency. I did it this way, I made a track just for monitoring and put it in there. See attached. but am I missing something?

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    Warwick Thorn (Edited )

    Actually, after a restart it did work with the plugin in the output. Dont know why, I'm experimenting with the settings. Maybe somethign to do with Studio One not allowing plug-ins less than 3ms latency in the low-latency software monitoring path.


    Maybe in the first instance I had not selected the zero latency option at the bottom of the plugin.

    Interesting though, the way I have it in the pic, which works, because I dont need to worry about turnign it off when I savw a mixdown, because I am noit including my monitor track when I do that anyway.




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    Kārlis Stenders

    Hi Warwick, 

    Not sure what happened there either, but glad to hear it's up and running! 

    Please contact us with an individual support ticket if you're experiencing any further problems and we'll look into it in detail. 


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