Why I don't have any sound coming out of the Systemwide?




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    Joseph Hylander

    I’m having a strange issue upon upgrading to Systemwide 4 on my Mac. Everything appears to be working, Systemwide is engaged with a green light and I’m nearly certain all my I/O settings are correct, but there is still no signal being passed through Systemwide. My Audio midi faders are maxed and the correction software works fine in ProTools... any ideas?

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    Philip Sumesgutner

    When this happens to me I go to Systemwide/settings/Audio/Output device and toggle through all the available output devices until it works.

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    I have several speakers but I don't see my main studio speakers on the list; JBL LSR4328 and JBL LSR4312. Furthermore, I have the iLoud Speakers but don't get any sound when using sonarworks. I do see the iLoud in the settings of the SW. 

    It seems like a complicate software. I hope I didn't do a mistake by buying the whole package (excl the actual headphone).

    I need help to solve this!

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    Kārlis Stenders (Edited )

    Hi Edward, 

    Only the headphone profiles are readily available, since we've already measured each model for freq. response - each speaker system / room has to be calibrated individually with our measurement software (the Measure app) and a measurement microphone. That will generate a custom profile for that particular system, you can then use that profile with the Reference plug-in and Systemwide app.

    If you have the full Studio Edition + Mic package, then you're ready to perform the measurements and get going with the calibration!

    Let us know if you're having any trouble with taking the measurements and we'll guide you though the process.

    Many thanks!


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