Problems installing on macOS 10.13 High Sierra




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    Michal Polak (Edited )

    Not working. I did all what you wrote.

    Instalation does not continue. Still is waiting for enabling install of drivers.

    EDIT: After long time, shows window with selected Sonarworks app and I can enable it separately.

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    Same here. Cant install Reference 4 nor True-Fi. I cant allow apps in system preferences. Clicking "allow" doesnt seem to do anything (I tried unlocking / relocking / installing / reinstalling / any of your plugins).

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    Ok so apparently you cant use a tablet to click on "allow", you have to use your actual mouse.

    from another forum :

    "I did some more digging and read that certain mouse / trackpad customization tools and app switcher could conflict with this preference pane.

    Are you using MagicPrefs, Steermouse or the Witch app switcher by any chance?

    If so you may need to disable these tools and try to "allow" Sophos Home to load in the preference pane again."

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    Tyler Straub (Edited )


    I was able to trick the installation into proceeding by launching the Reference 4 Systemwide application during the step in the installation where it asks to retry for Gatekeeper permissions. Once the software application had been launched for the first time, I was then able to click "Allow" and MacOS accepted the permission.


    MacOS 10.13.4 - cannot get beyond this step.

    Clicks to the "Allow" buttons (locked or unlocked) in the Security & Privacy window do absolutely nothing.

    After a while the installed times out and goes to "Installation failed" dialogue.

    I have tried: sudo spctl --master-disable in Terminal to try to bypass the Gatekeeper check but this did nothing.

    Other things tried: rebooting, closing all background applications, repeated installation attempts. 

    Please advise. 

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    Chris Kilbourn


    System Prefs > Keyboard > Shortcuts and set the radio button for "Full Keyboard access" to "All controls. Then go back to this shitty access control, hit tab a couple times till you're on the button, then smash space. you're welcome.

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    Jose Sifontes

    Chris - you are the man!!  Thanks

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    Jiri Kadanka

    sorry Chris  - not working

    even if I set "Full Keyboard access" the tab did not allows me to reach button "allowed"


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    Jiri Kadanka


    after restart my High Sierra accept change of setting "Full Keyboard access" and I really get to button "Allow"

    So Chriss, You are really The Man ! My stetson is down now :-)

    It works now !


    Thanks !!!


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